Pontos Taverna was established on August 9th, 2010. We Are located on 7 Isaac St in Norwalk CT next to the Garden Cinema off of Wall St. The public refers to us as “The Hidden Gem of Norwalk” due to our not so easy to find location. The menu is designed as family style pass around and individual dining.

We are definitely not your average family. Our family is loud, funny, fun and passionate. We talk the talk and believe us when we tell you; we all talk a lot. It may seem as if we are fighting, but NO, we are just loud Greeks. Both our parents, Theodoros and Anna were born and raised in Greece. They migrated to the United States in 1970 following our grandfather Nikolaos Kiriakidis,whom the eldest brother is named after, and grandmother Pisti, whom the eldest daughter is named after. Theodoros has two siblings, Stella and Steve. Anna has 3 siblings, Athena, Lefkoula and Olga. Most of Anna’s family still lives in Greece. For the most part, Theodoros family is migrated to the States. We come from a HUGE family with small pockets. We never really had much, no houses or fancy cars, renting and living paycheck to paycheck, but we do have each other. We are a family rich in faith, love, happiness and health.

Theodoros has worked in kitchens his whole life. Cooking is what he knows. It’s what he loves and it’s what he breathes. As a father to seven children he’s always slaved away at work to make ends meet. Both parents worked endless double shifts to provide for our large family. We never had a restaurant affordable enough for us to all dine in, much else own, until now. It has always been Theodoros dream. The idea of having a team (his family) work together towards the same goal rather then have a bunch of goals going in all sorts of directions. He wanted us “the siblings” to work together and create something that would not only allow us to be with one another on a daily basis but to have something that we could all benefit from.

He was a stubborn old man and eventually after years of lecture, he got his way. After all, he did make a valid point. And so it was, we gathered all of our pennies and put our best foot forth with the help of the Pontian Society and several family members and we bring to you “PONTOS TAVERNA, AUTHENTIC GREEK CUISINE”

Theodoros wanted a place that could be affordable for all, with good quality food and great service. He wanted to feed America the way they ate in Greece. Fresh food and daily preparation plays the role in this journey and of course a loving Greek family. Come Join us and be a part of our Family, The Pontos Family.