Theodoros aka Chef Dill: Master Chef “He’ll add dill in just about anything”

Anna aka Mom Dukes: Front of House Manager/ Server during lunch

Niko aka Boss Man: Grill Man/Back Of House Manager. The genius of the family. He’s the Computer Guy, Multimedia Consultant, Certified Audio Engineer, etc…. He’s a man of all traits. He’s our role model and our mentor.

Stamatis aka Stan the Man: Stamatis is the strict brother when it comes to work. He’s all work and no play. He’s the teddy bear of the family outside of work.

Billy aka Houdini: Front of House Manager/ Busser. Billy has the ability to appear and disappear at all times, hence his nickname. He’s our family clown. After high school he was accepted into a culinary internship of 2500 applicants in which only ten were chosen. Billy was one of the ten. He moved to Las Vegas and became a part of highly successful Culinary establishments such as: Bleu, The Fix, and The Bellagio along side Chef Rennee and Chef Chris expanding his culinary skills.

Kostadino aka “Slowest Salad Maker of Pontos”: Kitchen Expeditor. Not really the slowest, but the most precise. He’s the crazy one of the group. The loudest. A jokester. And I would have to say the most misunderstood. He’s a very focused individual and always reaching for more!

Pisti aka Faith, Litlles: Second Front of House Manager/ Head Server.

Alexandros aka The Great: Alex is the kitchens Right Hand Man. He’s the person who backs up everyone. He also does sautés when needed. He’s the youngest brother and most likely to be the MOST successful.

Thespina aka Little Boss: The youngest of the siblings. Thespina is 8 years old. She runs the show at home and at the restaurant. She’s our fathers twin and acts most like her big sister.

Tiffany aka Dinks: Daughter-in-law. Head Server. Tiffany is the nicest most clumsiest of the group. She’s our Puerto Rican Spice. The fan favorite. Wife to Niko. She’s currently on maternity leave.

The Pontos Crew

Tolli aka Tols: Server. She’s the most easy going one of the group. Funny. Caring and very motherly.

Isabella aka Bells: Our beautiful Hostess. Most friendly. Full of smiles.

Liz aka Lizard: Server. Niece. Liz is fast, efficient and always ready to have a good time.

Gus aka Stretch: Server. Nephew. Gus is all about customer service!

Korina aka Karina: Our miracle server. Korina stepped in just in time for Tiffany’s leave. She’s always prompt and ready to work.

John: Food Runner. John’s the newest member of the Pontos team and fits right in. Fast and helpful!

Panagotis aka Panos: Sauté Cook. Dad’s best friend. Good hearted person with more work ethic then us all. His laugh will make you smile.

Abel aka Adele: Cook. Has worked side by side with Theodoros for years. A very hard working individual whose always willing to learn new things.

Kevin aka Kyle: Kevin is the youngest of the kitchen and is learning to do all traits. We have high hopes for this young man. We love him as our own sibling.

Vaso: Family Friend! Vaso helps keep this place spic and span. Just the way we like it. She’s a small little lady but a full package.