Theodoros aka Chef Dill: Master Chef “He’ll add dill in just about anything”  1957-2018

Anna aka Mom Dukes: Front of House Manager/ Server.

Niko aka Boss Man: Grill Man/Back Of House Manager. The genius of the family. He’s the Computer Guy, Multimedia Consultant, Certified Audio Engineer, etc…. He’s a man of all traits. He’s our role model and our mentor.

Stamatis aka Stan the Man: Stamatis is the strict brother when it comes to work. He’s all work and no play. He’s the teddy bear of the family outside of work.

Billy aka Houdini: Chef. Billy has the ability to appear and disappear at all times, hence his nickname. He’s our family clown. After high school he was accepted into a culinary internship of 2500 applicants in which only ten were chosen. Billy was one of the ten. He moved to Las Vegas and became a part of highly successful Culinary establishments such as: Bleu, The Fix, and The Bellagio along side Chef Rennee and Chef Chris expanding his culinary skills.

Kosta aka “Slowest Salad Maker of Pontos”: Kitchen Expeditor. Not really the slowest, but the most precise. He’s the crazy one of the group. The loudest.

Pisti aka Faith, Littles: Second Front of House Manager/ Head Server.

Alexandros aka The Great: Alex is the kitchens Right Hand Man. He’s the youngest brother.

Thespina aka Little Boss: The youngest of the siblings. She’s our fathers twin and acts most like her big sister.

Tiffany aka Dinks: Daughter-in-law. Head Server. Tiffany is the nicest most clumsiest of the group. She’s our Puerto Rican Spice. The fan favorite. Wife to Niko.