Pontos is the area in which we are originated. It was once a region of Greece. It is currently modern day Turkey. We (The Kiriakidis family) are Pontian Greeks; and proud of it. The Pontians have their own dialect, music and history. A large amount of Pontians migrated to Norwalk CT about 30 years ago. The city of Norwalk is the home to many Greeks, most of them being Pontian.


A question I have answered numerous of times. The Society was a social club owned by the Greek members of Norwalk. It was a place for Greeks to gather and dine while listening to Pontian music. Today its a group of members who teach the young Pontian generation all about their culture, history and dance. On Monday nights when the restaurant is closed, you can drive by and see a group of about 60 children dancing to the Pontian music. Its a place of history. Where they continue making history while keeping the Pontian culture alive.